The Evergreen trend – Polka Dots

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The Classic trend - Polka Dots

The term flux can define fashion suitably. The trends in the fashion world are inconsistent. Something that is in trend today has a huge chance of being out of trend tomorrow. So managing refined and elegant look with such trends is bit difficult. Elegance means timeless- something that will be classic. Today I am going to talk about a style and design that is beyond fashion trend. Something that is classic and can make an elegant look given any occasion. Polka Dots

Hobbs Caroline top
Hobbs Caroline top – £32.00

The dots in variable size printed on a fabric. Polka dots are a classic design that we have seen Princess Diana wearing in 80’s and Duchess Kate in current decades. Polka Dots make an outfit selection really easy. No matter the occasion — Wimbledon or Polo Match, Meeting the high end investor for next business proposal or attending a friend’s wedding, going out with friends to have lunch or planning a date night outfit, Polka dot fits almost every situation making our wardrobe crisis minimum.

Here are my top picks for the style in all budget ranges.

High End:

Mid Range:


Here are some more options for this always on trend style

Do you have any suggestion!!! Do let me know via comments.

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