Look of the Day – December 09, 2018

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Busy Winter Day

Do You like mango? I love Mango. Ohh Are we talking about fruit?? Oh, Noo. It’s not mango season. But one Mango is always there. That is a royal favourite. We have seen Queen Letizia wearing Mango many times. I am also the proud owner of a few lovely Mango pieces. So here for today’s “One more Layer” we are choosing a Mango Knitted top.

Mango Geometric knit sweater It features Geometric texture and Ribbed design. Paired with Mango Flared Trouser and Mango Houndstooth coat.

I chose Mango Tortoiseshell earrings, Mango Flap cross-body bag and Mango Pointed toe leather shoes.

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