Look of the Day – January 14, 2019

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Two Things Define You – Your Patience when you have Nothing and Your Attitude when you have Everything.

Your Attitude Defines you in your life
Your Attitude Defines you in your life

Life is a work in progress. We can never expect to get something that we wish to fall in our lap without working hard. I was recently discussing this matter with my close friends and thought to share the crux of the discussion with all of you here. People who have all the materialist richness in their lives do they have meaning in their lives? And who all have meaning in their life why they are running behind the materialistic richness.

Quite a serious topic in today’s life where everything is a sort of race. Where substance has lost the value. At the recent international awards, I was looking at the outfits of the celebs and the first thing I noticed was many of the celebs were not wearing what they would like to but what brands wanted them to. It is a strange phenomena.


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