Look of the Day – January 11, 2019

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“She is clothed in strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come”.

When Dignity and Modesty are the priorty
When Dignity and Modesty are the priority

Today, I would like to talk about Social Media. Being a Computer Science professional, I understand the need and impact of Social Media. It is the platform where I am trying to make something out of my passion. And I am extremely thankful for this gift. It would not be wrong if I call it a double-edge sword as it has the power to build and destroy equally.

In my opinion Social Media especially Instagram has made us living two lives- one is the physical that is our real life and the other is the virtual one where almost every thing is a fantasy. In the race of who has bigger virtual persona we are forgetting the difference between real and reel. It may sound too negative. We are becoming restless and addicted to a new sort of drug – SM. Whether standing in billing queue or taking our kids to park. If we have 5 minutes to spare what we do – take our mobiles out and explore Instagram. We while sitting in our bed in a night gown like, comment and share the posts of various celebs while wishing to have that life.

Lafayette 148 New York Jannie Pleated Hem Sheath Dress
Lafayette 148 New York Jannie Pleated Hem Sheath Dress

Now the metric of the popularity has changed. Our personality and success is judged by number of Instagram followers and likes.  On the positive side SM is the biggest bridge to remove the gap between people – we can send a direct tweet to US President and comment how good or bad Miley Cyrus was looking in a specific outfit on Instagram. People who were once untouchable now are only few taps away.

What we need in these two lives is a balance.  I don’t let SM define my life. I have a real life full time job that is my priority. A long list of close friends who are with me for more than a decade. I don’t wake up to pick my mobile and find out what is happening in virtual world. While this fantasy world is irresistible it is not real. In the race of attention do not trade respect. The only aspect of my life that is out there on SM is my wardrobe. Elbe was my minor effort to let women choose modesty and dignity over attention and fame.


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