Look of the Day – February 20, 2019

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A happy outfit for a happy person
A happy outfit for a happy person

This week we are talking about self-care and improvement. There was a period while I was going through lots of physical challenges that was causing lots of emotional and mental stress. At that time instead of making my body dependent on any sort of medicines, I decided to take a spiritual road that eventually took me to a healthy and happy lifestyle now I am having. It was yoga. It’s not easy. It’s really boring. It takes a long time to show effects. etc. etc. There is a long list of negatives about yoga and I agree with almost all of them. but the end result is such a big and positive impact that it outweighs all the excuses. The moment my body touches the mat all the negativity, anger, resistance, tiredness melts away and leaves peace behind. It helps controlling not only my physical appearance but also the emotional and mental pressure. A single session of sixty minutes makes me a nicer person. Yoga gives a chance to pay attention to inward. Eventually making you a happy person. So what do you do to be a nicer and happy person? A happy outfit dedicated to a happy thought. It has:

DVF Gaia Nylon Knit Midi Dress – Made with breathable, stretch-nylon knit, this $498 midi dress has a flattering A-line silhouette, zig-zag hem, and front pocket. Take it from desk to dinner in stylish sandals and lightweight topcoat.

Wooden Chain Earring 2colors – A made to order $89 stunning earrings that you can order in any colour. Handmade drop earrings – Wood and metal mixed chain + Transparent ball pendant.

Deep Plum Briar Lane Quilted Milou Leather Wallet– Stylishly stash your cards, cash and coins with the help of this luxe leather wallet made in a versatile solid shade the wallet is available for $209.

Steve Madden Feisty Black Sandals – Lucite upper material and 3.75-inch heel sandals are available in different shades for $79.99

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