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Tame the Mane
Tame the Mane

The one hair trend we saw returning from 90s is those colourful hair accessories especially the headbands. The beautiful bands that gives you the feel of tiara on your heads can be your hair’s best friend on a windy day. Headbands can give a vibrant and chic touch to any of the outfit. You have a beautiful dress but is giving you a formal feeling leave your crowning glory open and top it with a matching headband is your outfit has turned into a casual chic one. They can also be used the other way around just like Duchess of Cambridge did many times in 2018 and continuing it in 2019 too. She switched her classic hats with headbands on my occasions – most importantly on her youngest son’s christening and gave her outfit a regal touch of another level. Some of my top picks for this wardrobe staple are:

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