A Petite Girl’s Wardrobe Spree

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There is an old saying, “Good Things Come in Small Packages”. Look at Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, a petite woman reigning over 13 realms for more than 60 years. On celeb front lovely Emma Watson is also part of this party.

How to Dress as a Petite Girl
How to Dress as a Petite Girl

Last week a lovely reader asked for something regarding Petite Fashion.  I believe that there are no fixed fashion rules for any body type, as style is a very personal thing. Play with those rules, styling tips and find your comfortable and confident style that suits your inner and outer personality equally.

In this post, I have put together a few things that I believe look good on short powerhouses. Feel free to put in your suggestions and advice so that it can be improved. 

Knee Length Dress with Strappy Sandals: Too much fabric can make you lost in clothes, so the trick is to find a balance. Stay away from boxed or square shaped outfits. Try dresses that end just on the knees or above the knees. You can go for asymmetric hemlines too if you like below the knee length. For footwears avoid chunky ones as they might bring attention to your legs. Choose sandals with sleek straps. 

Skinny Jeans and Oversized Sweaters: Take my words on it, this is the outfit no other woman can rock better than a petite. Skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings paired with an oversized baggy sweater and ankle  booties will take you a long way on style road for a casual day.

Formal Look: Looking for something formal chose a peplum crop jacket with a sheath dress. A sure shot formula for any occasion demanding dressing up professionally.

Few of the labels where you can find some really pretty Petite dresses are: Asos, Mango, J Crew, Anthropologie, Boden, Ann Taylor, DKNY.


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