Dressing Up to double the power of Redhead

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Redheads – a person having red hairs. There are many pre-conceived notions around redheads i.e. fierce, rude, determined etc. Well as I said they are just notions – assumptions. I personally envy people who have red heads. To me, the shade looks so lovely than boring brown. Then I also know many redheads who find them trouble. Guess we humans will never be satisfied with what we have and will always starve to become something else.

Dressing Up a Redhead
Dressing Up a Redhead

Well moving on, a lovely reader asked for some dresses ideas for redheads last week. There are many hues than totally compliment the stunning red hairs. I have picked a few of them here in this post. Navy Blue, green (emerald shade), gray, various tones of browns, yellow suits the redheads best. black is considered the best friend for any redheads as the red pops out in black and lady does not even need any extra accessories. Choose dresses in these tones but different cuts and styles suiting your body.

But always remember, the real magic of looking stylish and elegant is in your personality. Accept your body as it is, complements it, play with different styles and fashion rules and find a comfortable and confident style suiting your personality. Don’t let any of these fashion and style tips to bound you.

Remember style is not something we can get in a moment or days. It is something really personal, defined away from the ever-changing fashion rules. Sometimes it took us years to finally understanding what style suits us best. Don’t hesitate and play with fashion rules to find your style.

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