Dressing Up as a Lady with Warrior Shape Body

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Last week, on the Instagram query, a lovely lady suggested bringing something for women having a warrior body shaped. It is a shape where a lady has bigger upper body i.e. bust and slimmer lower body i.e. hip and legs.  As I mentioned in my how to dress as a petite women post that no matter what body shape we have no fashion rule should be allowed to limit our comfort and confidence when it comes to style. Try different rules and fashions tips to find your perfect style.

How to Dress a Warrior Shape Body
How to Dress a Warrior Shape Body

The trick is to wear something that will highlight your best asset. V-Neckline, A-line dresses, dresses with fit and flare silhouette, dresses having waist ties or belts, Tailored and structured silhouette will look good on this body shape. Try a ruffled top with straight cut trousers.

Try to accentuate your waistline and highlight your lower body and legs. Avoid clothes that are too tight on the upper side. As I have mentioned its all trying and testing and finding your true style. If you have any suggestion to improve it let me know.

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