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A Happy Bridesmaid Makes a Happy Bride

Silver Bridesmaid Beauty
Silver Bridesmaid Beauty

Bridesmaid- A lady who is like the sister, best friend who sometimes handles the most of the pressure of bridezilla. The position comes with lots of responsibilities and emotions. And at the end of everything a bridesmaid have to look exceptionally stunning. So taking off pressure from a bridesmaid, this look is designed for a lovely reader who is soon going to fulfill the responsibilities of the bridesmaid.

Coast-Stores Everly Embroidered Dress
Coast-Stores Everly Embroidered Dress

The look has £159 Coast-Stores Everly Embroidered Dress.  The off-shoulder dress midi dress features a beautiful floral detailing at the bodice. The simple yet stunning dress has elegant and classic British vibes to it.

The outfit details are:

Coast-Stores Everly Embroidered Dress
Gurhan Blue Topaz Drop Earrings $148
Loeffler Randall 2017 Mini Rider Bag $125
CASADEI Heeled Sandals Shoes Women Casadei $646

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