Falling Into Sync

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Falling Into Sync
Falling Into Sync

I recently touched the mighty 10K on Instagram. It was a huge achievement as it unlocks the greater feature of Instagram – ‘Links on Stories’. It was important to have that feature as many times followers will ask for the link instead of searching it there was nothing I could say instead of it is in bio. I could choose DM but it seems too personal so having an option of Direct links is great.

While this milestone makes me really happy, It also came with a realization that What I am doing here on Elbe Couture House is being noticed. With this recognition comes a responsibility of being true, original and stable. The aftermath of excitement was a bit nerve-wracking as I realized I have a responsibility now so many people are watching what I am doing. And I am determined to take this responsibility with full force. So hopefully I won’t be disappointing all of you in future.

Tipping the thought with this outfit that has:

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