A New Journey towards a New Me

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New Era of New Me

Hello Ladies,

Today we are stating a new talk– How to become a Better Version of Your own self aka Personal Development.

Before moving forward, I would like to declare this and would be happy if you also believe this, “we need improvements and progress in our life for our own self. We do not have to change the way we dress up, talk, eat, live, walk or anything just because we are being noticed, scrutinized or simply society demands that from us.

A New Journey Towards a new life on Elbe Couture
A New Journey Towards a new life on Elbe Couture

So this talk is happening because I have spent the last 6 months evaluating my life and my personality. Noticing things in my life and traits in my personality that I would like to change because I believe there are always chances of improvements and becoming a better version of myself. I do not want perfection As Winston Churchill once said, “Perfection means lack of progress” and staying in a rigid perfection is boring.

So stay tuned for the tips, tricks, and hacks (topped with an outfit idea) that I am implementing in my life to be a better version of myself. Please chime in to add anything that I would be missing or any tip you know might be helpful for others.

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