Trick the Mind into Elegance

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Trick the Mind into Elegance
Trick the Mind into Elegance

You know a wonderful thing about mind, we can make it fall any path we want it to follow. We just need to be more smarter than our mind. Mind is a devious little part of our body that can control our heart, soul and feeling. We just need to learn to trick. If you feel like not having enough confidence, give your self a pep talk while standing in front of the mirror daily, it will do wonders to your personality. So Feed your Mind Faith, Feed it Truth and Feed it Love,

Tipping the thought with this outfit that has:

Karen Millen Lace Dress

Bundle Maclaren Dusky Hat

Majorica Nuage Simulated Pearl Drop Earrings

Emmy London Nancy Cinder & Gold Clutch

Emmy London Rebecca cinder Pumps

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