Don’t Stop – Be Disciplined to Be a Winner

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Don't Stop - Be Disciplined to Be a Winner
Don’t Stop – Be Disciplined to Be a Winner

I am sure you have seen all those inspirational quotes and messages all over the social media many times. But what we do – we read them and leave them. Sometimes we do not even bother to read them thinking it’s just words, it does not happen in real life, it’s just philosophical nonsense.

Well, you are half right. Now why half, as long as you are not implementing those words in your life they are actually just words. Just reading them or knowing them will not change your life. Only you can change your life and for that you have to put those words into action. Otherwise they are nothing but just pretty or petty words.

All bodies have the potential to become a Heaven give those potentials a chance
All bodies have the potential to become a Heaven give those potentials a chance

Taking the first step is always the hardest thing. But taking one means you will have to second one too. That’s how a walk starts and soon you are running. As I said in my last post it is not possible to stay motivated forever, there are gloomy days, there are lazy days, there are sad days, and then there are crazy days. So to achieve what we want to achieve we need to master oneself trait of all the successful people- discipline.

The simplest trick is keeping your eyes on end goal. Write it down, put it somewhere near you – a place around you that you visit or see continuously.

Body is Temple not Trash. It’s the only place you will ever live so keep it pure and clean. So before setting up any professional or social goal the first step in personal development is healing your body.

  • Listen to your body and act on it.
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Rest when you are tired.
  • Work out to keep the good blood flowing.
  • Scan what you put into your food in the form of food, thoughts and vibes.
  • Relax when you are stressed.
  • Step back when you are overwhelmed.

Love your body; deal with it since you adore yourself. Not for any other individual but rather for you. It is you (not your folks, kin, spouses/sweetheart/accomplice, youngsters, companion, adversary) who will endure in the event that you body is enduring. Try not to give some other individual capacity to make you affront your very own home.

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