Elegance Means Being Remembered

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Elegance Means Being Remembered
Elegance Means Being Remembered

In the fast-paced life fashion and style has also become fast. But one thing that still remains unaffected is the power of a good outfit. Today when we are talking about women empowerment and gender equality, there is still a big gap that we as women have to cover. I believe we cannot get that equality by mere asking. We need to achieve that equality while remaining true to our self.

A woman who chose to become a lady covers half of that gap. A good outfit, good manners, strong character gives a lady the confidence to win the world. Trust me when I say a man who believes himself to be the powerful and uncrowned king of his world can be left speechless in front of a lady. Femininity is one of the strongest atomic of human life. We, women, need to embrace it, improve it. We don’t need loud protests when we can kill our enemy with a silent style.

Today’s outfit has:

Raquel Diniz Alma pleated floral-print silk dress

BaubleBar Amazon Drop Earrings

Nissa Metallic Clutch with Golden Details

Schutz Marnie High Heel Sandal

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