Weekend Trumpets – August I

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Weekend Rant having Fabulous Tips and Picks
Weekend Trumpets having Fabulous Tips and Picks

With summer coming to end, I am trying to enjoy the rest of the weekends so keeping this weekend light on the to-do list. The only essentials on the list are yoga, spending lots of time talking to my family (who live on another continent), eating and sleeping.  So basically a nice and cosy weekend!!!!!

Whatever you have planned hope it goes as fabulous as you hope!!

The weekend will also involve a self-care and me time. Finally, decided to give a try to Sugaring!!!!!  Heard about it a long time ago but never tried it.

Don’t miss checking out this Asymmetric neck jumpsuit that is available up to size 20.

Finally, took Elbe Couture House on our lovely and friendly Amazon. Check out my #founditonamazon element.

This $20 Royal favourite Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector became a permanent part of my vanity. I use Rosewood shimmer as it goes with my natural lip colour.

New to my wardrobe is this H&M Ribbed Dress.

What is Creatinine and more FYI!!!!!!!!

Found this wonderful The Talented MrRiplay!!!!!

These skinny belts got pretty good reviews.

This is how I passed my time learning about the power of Charcoal while waiting for my turn at Doctor.

Refreshed my memory about how to give constructive criticism as I can be sometimes blunt and it’s troubling.

What you think about this zipped multicolour slingback Flats!!!!!

Planning a vacation early next year, I love the United Kingdom and everything about it. Will update soon what I have planned. Have suggestions and ideas let me know.  If you are planning a visit around Christmas then check out this guide.

Obsession of the week!!

9 Reasons to stay away from Fast Fashion!!

Finally, after years of procrastination, I started proofreading of my royal blog Regalfille.

It’s a Date!!!! Season 3 of the Crown will be back on November 17. Olivia Colman would be an amazing Queen Elizabeth. Next-generation of Royal Family will be introduced in this season that will go from 1964 to 1976. Can’t Wait!!!!!

How cute is this Polka Dot Dress!!

Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

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