December – The Beginning of the End

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Its Time for Blue
Its Time for Blue

December is the month of the festival and colours. Red, Green, Blue you say and we can have it. After last red outfit to kick start the festivities its time for a bit more formal look. After all the elegance is the theme of this blog. And what is more elegant than a British label favoured by the Royals. The outfit has:

Goat Fashion Parisian Coat

J. Crew Jewel-shoulder sweater-dress

Sergio Rossi Teal Patent Leather Pumps

CooLook Caribe Earrings

WOLF 355350 Leaving London Leather Penelope Handbag & Accessory Case


Beginning the December with my power colour

December 2019 – I am feeling like it’s not just like any other normal December month that I have seen during my 3-decade long life. This year December is intimidating and challenging. It’s more like the end of the past and beginning of the bright future. It feels like an era is coming to its end from here on life will be different. The goal is to enjoy this month to its fullest – as it is not bringing the end of the year but also the decade. After 31st we will be entering 2020  – A new Year and a New Decade. Cheers to that new beginning and a pleasant farewell to this wonderful decade that brought so much with it. Beginning the December with my power colour – Red. The outfit has:

Mango Flowy belt dress

Karen Hallam Tesoro half moon earrings

Valentino by Mario Valentino Oboe Eco-Leather Clutch

Michael Kors Dorothy Flex Pump




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