Weekend Trumpets – December I

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Weekend Trumpets November V

I have been doing lots of crazy and fun stuff this week. One of them was changing the look of this blog. Do you like it? If you are new to this blog then for your general knowledge it had a theme dominated by blue colour. Now I thought to turn it into a bit more feminine.  Do you like it? Please do share your thoughts.

Do you tend to feel sleepy after you indulge your favourite food – Here is why!!!

Looking for a new night cream – try this $55 Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer.

Planning a vacation in 2020, check out this list of best airlines.

Best Black Friday sale – The Beauty Edit that matters.

Going through a Break up is hard – but not impossible.

I just love this cute winter hat.

Some fun cocktails for holiday season!

This shimmer top will make Christmas celebrations more colourful.

Have a Short Fuse – Some Pro tips to control your anger!!

Something to give your funky BFF.

Touched 30, still single and facing social pressure – I definitely needed to read this!

This soft knitted tunic is a darling. Love its softness and feel on my skin.

Love Audrey Hepburn – check out this new book!

Something cute, something efficient and something warm – J. Crew Nordic Boots!!

Do know the smooth line difference between Love Bombing and Harassment!!

Office Party Ready with this Veronica Beard jacket.

These 3 habits will solidify your Personal Discipline!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


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