Weekend Trumpets – February IV

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Weekend Trumpets Feb IV

Hello lovely ladies, Finally my annual break is here. Now it is time to book flights and hotels. Oh my God, I am so overwhelmed right now. I want to do so many things but as someone very close to me said, “First of all, take a long breath and relax”. Lol, I know I need that. So I stopped thinking about what I am going to do next and started writing this post. let us see what is in there. Please forgive me if you saw something stupid here I am an emotional mess right now. Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!!

Queen Letizia went from casual to elegant to professional in one go. Check out here.

This V-Neck Bowknot Long Sleeves Knit Top in Red is going to be part of my tour wardrobe.

Benefits of Aloe Vera has no bound.

This is a new little black dress for office wardrobe.

Why we girls need simply girls trip – Scientific proof

I have been using this Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive Exfoliating Mask for some time now and it is pretty effective.

3 easy workouts that you can anytime anywhere.

Are you looking forward to brightening an event with your dazzling look? Try this simple yet stunning maxi dress.

How to improve critical thinking.

Denim season is about to come so the wardrobe is getting ready.

Airbnb or hotel – I finally chose hotels.

Has anyone of you ever tried this perfume? Would like to listen to the reviews.

How to get a head start on spring cleaning.

It is such a beautiful dress. Simply beautiful!

Having eye contact while communicating is a powerful technique!

We all need a pair of stunning block heel pumps.

How to interest your kids into a healthy lifestyle!!

Such a dainty pair of earrings.

We all know the bad effects of plastic – a simple guide to plastic less life.

Giving a regal touch to the wardrobe with this elegant piece of brooch!!!

Photo by DNK. PHOTO on Unsplash


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