Weekend Trumpets – April I

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Weekend Trumpets
Weekend Trumpets

Welcome to April 2020. We are officially in Spring now. The first spring of the new decade. But we all are going through a difficult period that I do hope will come to an end soon. So hows your stay at home period is going on. I am so glad that many of you have participated in our “Are you up for 6 Days #StayAtHome Challenge?” It seems like my all conversations these days are starting with Corona discussion so decided to change the course of conversation. I have started an online certification. Are you guys learning something new or just dedicated to enjoying the free period. Whatever you are doing I hope you all just stay safe, stay inside and happy.

So if you are a small business working from home then make sure you are making these small social media mistakes.

What an elegant pair of earrings.

Fireplace Makeover Ideas and Inspirations.

20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home

I am trying this Moroccan oil. it’s good.

13 ways to prevent stress eating while Social Distancing.

If you are missing showers then a must-read – 7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body If You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

Something to wear in future.

The first lines of 10 classic novels, rewritten for social distancing.

Whether to put makeup on or not while working from home – A female dilemma of the hour.

Although none is travelling right now and we might not be for some times, but we are still hearing news of hidden cameras.


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