Weekend Trumpets – April II

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Elbe Couture House - Weekend Trumpets April II

Hello Ladies, how was your week? Mine was okay. Not doing anything specific, just taking the lockdown and self-isolation one day at a time. I get it totally if you are going a little bit crazy and a lot distracted. It’s hard to concentrate on the important stuff with family and friends being around you 24/7. So let’s take it step by step. Happy Long Weekend – Hope this Easter we would be able to Flatten the Curve.

A list of most uplifting podcasts.

As Loungewear is our preferred outfit these days, let it be classy and comfortable.

Remember the time, when we used to practise our signatures – Well, it’s lost now.

Anger Management and Your Zodiac Sign.

Sticking to your diet plan can be easy with this.

Queen Letizia of Spain is known for her hard-working persona, and she is showing why?

A cool hoodie.

We all are talking about Coronavirus but what about the world after COVID-19.

Have you seen Catherine’s this gown, well a perfect replica is here.

44 Easter crafts that kids will love.

 50 totally free ways to practise self-care at home.

How to actually fall asleep!

A real workwear number.

77 Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes that can be cooked under 30 Minutes.

Some Simple stretches for those who are working from home.

Not feeling productive – Maybe it’s not time to be obsessed with being Productive.


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