Weekend Trumpets – April III

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Elbe Couture House Weekend Trumpets April IIIPhoto by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

Hello Ladies, We are about one and a half month into the self-isolation and stay at home thingy. By now, most of us have got used to this routine. We might have learnt a new thing or two by now. Or we have done nothing just enjoyed (or fought) the day one at a time. Sometime during this week, I lost my momentum and then I was like it’s okay, once in a while I am allowed to lose my way as long as I am able to find it back. So hopefully next week, I would be able to catch it back. Happy weekend Ladies, Stay inside to stay safe.

This house was actually a storage building. Wow!

The softest hoodie to lounge around!

Nancy Meyers’s list of 8 Feel-Good Movies.

Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner are on my testing plate now. Will report back with the result soon.

What Happens in a Year away from Personal Life.

Loved this Bedside Smartphone Vase!

We can have virtual parties too, here is how to prepare your home for one.

A beautiful blouse for those Zoom meetings.

Change is Good – We just need to know how to adapt it.

Stress can impact your motor skills.

How to Make a DIY Face Mask at home. Also, the best material for the homemade face mask.

Girls of Isolation – A beautiful portrait of woman in isolation.

You will J.Crew’s new arrivals.

What to Do when you feel Overwhelmed and Anxious.

15 best tips for Small Place Living.

You might love this book too!


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