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Elbe Coutuer House's Weekend Trumpets May IPhoto by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

May 2020 is here. We are almost in the mid of the year. Phew, the year is going in a flash and we haven’t done anything from a practical point of view. But emotionally, spiritually and mentally we all must have learnt one simple lesson – Life always goes on. We are not making office run but life is going on. Kids are not going to school and are not under the pressure to be Doctor, engineers or world-famous athletes or even a reality star, but life is going on. Rich or poor, mystery or celebrity no matter in what stage of life we are, currently we all are living the same impression of life. And it’s beautiful if you ask me. So embracing the May with smile, hope and lots of faith. Let’s see what we have this week:

How to do at-home Facial!!

You will love these practical handbags.

Princess Charlotte is 5. Prince William and Kate Middleton shared some lovely pics of little Princess.

7 Teas To Help With Bloating And Discomfort

What a pretty floral dress for the upcoming summer.

I am sure by now, we all have forgotten the difference between day time and night time pyjamas.

A functional top that comes in 12 tones and feels like a hug.

Check out how this comedian explained pandemic to her 4 months ago self!

What a lovely floral skirt. Going to order it.

15 ways to hide household decor eyesores.

What to do during Stay at home? – Well, if you are out of ideas then this gentleman might be able to inspire you.

Tie-Dye Crewneck polo.

Nail Art to try at home.

9 Mother’s Day Gift Collection.

$55 Tie Waist Smocked Shorts.

How to handle the challenging moments of Self-isolation with your new partners.

A really good weightless, hydrating gel moisturizer.

Apparently, Dyeing Your Hair With Kool-Aid Is a Thing—Here’s What You Need to Know.

Something your Mommy will love this Mother’s Day.

Well, sleeping on the floor is actually a thing.

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