Weekend Trumpets May – II

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Elbe Couture House Weekend Trumpets May IIPhoto by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Hello ladies, Anything new on your side, well on my side I have one funny news and one really bad news. First, the funny news is finally after almost 55 days of social-distancing I finally deleted my alarm. Yes, it took me 55 days to delete it. The sad news is – back home in India the COVID-19 Count is increasing at the rapid rate as the lockdown has been partially removed. The winter is still showing her face once in a while here in Canada even when it is supposed to be Spring – it’s snowing since yesterday evening. I am enjoying cooking, working on blog SEO and reading a lot. Now enough of the rambling and let’s dive into this weekend’s trumpets:

How to do Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting at Home

Beautiful Floral Dress for summer.

These are the Best House Plants for Beginners

Were you a ‘Twilight‘ fan, here is good news, Edward Cullen is coming back to tell his side of the story – “Midnight Sun”.

Social distancing and living alone are difficult.

Medusa earrings.

Duchess of Cambridge launched a really beautiful and artistic initiative.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

You will like this.

“In a world of chaos, we are all craving truth” – The words of wisdom from Damsel in Dior

How To Side Hustle Successfully—Without Burning Out

I just love this dress.

45 Job Interview Pet Peeves (according to real women!) + How to Avoid Them!

10 Healthy Protein Bars You Can Make In Your Own Kitchen.


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