Weekend Trumpets August

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Elbe Couture House- Life from Home

Hey Ladies! I am back from my long unannounced hiatus. It was busy, extremely busy and had no time to spare. So my apology for being absent. But here I am with new reads and finds of the week.  I have planned to explore the nearby parks this weekend. What are your plans!

5-Pack Adult Tie Dye Face Masks – reusable up to 20 washes.

16 Best Vegan Recipes From Sustainable Food Bloggers

The Duchess of Cambridge’s 10 Best Summer Styles

7 Thrifting Apps For Finding Secondhand Furniture & Home Goods

Instagram’s new feature – Reel.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain toured the Island of Menorca

Something to style your outfit.

The 2020s Most searched Google Activities.

Princess Anne of the UK turns 70 and these portraits show the extra-ordinary life of British Princess in three shots.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do in Your Life. Get a Hobby!

A new road to the oldest industry!

Goodwill Embellished Leaf – A Housewarming Gift idea.


Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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