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Weekend Trumpets March III

Do you like Reading and Writing then Elbe Couture could be for you? Why Reading first, because I believe a person who does not like reading cannot be a good writer.

When I started the Elbe, I never thought I would be a storyteller, I am not one till today. But still, I started it because I love the core of writing – reading, I love reading and I love reading a lot. The Elbe started as a Style page where Elegance was the keynote hence the word Couture in it. Soon I realised we need that elegance in every part of our life.

Couture while literally means handmade designer clothing, at the same time word describes our lives too. We are the designer of our life- we can curate it elegantly and get whatever we want out of it or we can just use the ready-to-wear ideas of society and community and live like rest of the community is living life.

I am learning new ropes every day, I am changing my life bit by bit taking it towards the elegant living where a peaceful mind and content heart are the biggest priority. And while doing that, I am trying to share it with all of you as much as I can. I would like to believe that I am heading towards being a better storyteller and one day ECH would serve as the memoir of this journey. I would like to encourage its readers to have an elegant life and hope my journey and Elbe Couture House can make the smallest change in your life and motivate you to have a better lifestyle.

Weekend Trumpets November V

A Better Lifestyle does not mean wearing branded and expensive clothes, having exotic holidays or dining at the elite restaurants every night. To me, a better lifestyle means waking up in the morning with a sharp and active mind, enjoying whatever I am doing throughout the day, having a healthy body and content heart, going to bed every night with a peacefulness. Where my life feels like mine, where I have the courage to follow my dreams and conquer my fears. Within the last two years, I have achieved a small portion of this wish and I hope to see the end of it too.

Elbe Couture is a small community that has the potential to grow into something that can change lives. It’s my way of giving back whatever I am taking from the Universe by spreading it to all the corners wherever I can reach.

Now, I am inviting you to be a part of this journey.

What Elbe Couture is looking for:

  • At Elbe Couture, we talk about healthy and clean living, mindfulness and elegant style. So, if you have command on any of these niches it’s for you.
  • Your writing must add value to our reader’s life. I get many emails and DM where readers discuss whatever I post on the Elbe. They point out the goods and bad, they learn something and they taught me something. Your contents must continue this chain.
  • The Article must have something that readers can do or follow. Some tips, new skills, something they can adapt in their life physically or spiritually.

Writing Guidelines:

  • The Writer will have full control of the post. It means the author can choose the content idea, research, editing, styling and/or the format. I can provide assistance wherever is needed but otherwise, your creativity is yours and you are free to explore it.
  • The article has to fall under the permitted topics – health, style, fashion, mindfulness, self-improvement, productivity, wellness, beauty, travel.
  • From the past records, I can say the most read and successful contents on the Elbe Couture are the ones that have evidential support – something scientifically proved by research or a real-life experience.
  • No religious or political contents.

Acceptance or Rejection:

As I have to maintain the credibility of the blog, the contents will have to be approved first before publishing. If there is a need to tweak the contents then it’s for the betterment. If the article is approved then the publishing date will be decided mutually. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can about the final decision. In case of rejection, please do not take it personally as I said the credibility of the blog is the utmost priority.


  • The Article will be posted under the name of the author. If the author has his/her own platform to link back, then he/she is most welcome to do so.
  • It’s a voluntary submission, not a paid one. So, unfortunately, there won’t be any monetary benefit.


If you believe it’s for you then please send me an email at [email protected]

Please do not send Spam Email or Promotional Contents doing so will result in immediate blocking.

I look forward to reading your articles.


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